The exterior laminate gave rise to Designer HPL Sheets Services for exterior/ façade for modern design, which is a direct successor. It is regarded as one of the most long-lasting decorative surface materials, and it is available with unique performance features such as chemical, fire, and wear resistance. A Cladito High Pressure Laminate Panel is a form of produced various kraft layer with UV protection. It is comparable to common plywood, except that it contains phenolic resin and high quality kraft layers, protective covering on one or both sides.
Architects love our High Pressure Laminate Panel services Delhi at Cladito International because of their pastel colour scale, natural wood designs, and metallic appearance. The weather-resistant coating is made of double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins. They are made in high-pressure, high-temperature laminating presses for exceptional HPL Exterior Wall Cladding Panel Services.
Product Information


The New Age Exterior Façade. Exterior High Pressure Laminate inspired by nature is suitable for installation as ventilated façade system. It provides breathing space for buildings, thus creating a vent for the internal moisture to release. It protects buildings from excess temperature in summer, excess cold in winter and provides noise insulation.

Natural Textures such as wood, stone and abstracts.More than 200 shades available

Product Range
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Shade-803


High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Shade-2001


High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Shade-2002


High Pressure Laminate (HPL)Shade-2004


Technical Specifications
CLADITO Façade Panel Provides you with products that have proven their resistance against extreme weather conditions, i.e. the protection against the solar, moisture, rain, acidic rain, dust storm, snow, and frost etc. They can resist high temperature fluctuation between -20 degree centigrate to +80 degree centigrade. They can survive the UV rays as well. If we consider the parameters of blue scale, it can resist upto UV factor 8 that is equal to 12 years in middle Europe Climate.

CLADITO Façade Panels have nano-technological surface that protects them from bacteria and anti-graffiti features. Moreover they provide protection against temperature as well as noise pollution (14 DB). They create vent and let the built structure breath freely. They are known for providing resistance from strikes and solvents and they do not have any insanitary components like asbestosis, metal, halogen, sulphide etc. in their make.

  • Does not get dirty or hold bacteria. Self cleaning feature makes it maintenance free
  • Fade Resistant Nano-technological Surface
  • Advance UV Protection - Protected from solar rays, acid rains, chemicals and dust storms
  • Graffiti or Vandalism Proof
  • Noise Insulation: Prevents 14 DB of exterior noise

Care And Maintenance
CLADITO Façade Panels don't require extra care and trouble. They are capable of self-cleaning so you need to clean them in rare incidents only. The cleaning process is also very simple like you need warm water, dirt free cloth and soap only. You should not use solvents or cleaners that have solvent in them. While cleaning, you need to be very gentle and scratching from hard object should be avoided. If you witness some severe marks like pencil traces etc. isopropyl alcohol is best alternative you have.

Cladito International warrants the quality of CLADITO façade panels within the framework of the given values and test standards. However they are not liable for defects in the substructure or defective installation. All information corresponds to the current state of the technology.

Ventilated Façade System
CLADITO façade panels are exterior grade HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATES i.e. called HPL, that are most appropriate for installation as Ventilated Façade Systems. They catalyze the internal moisture releasing process by creating vents. This lets the built structure take a fresh breath of air, every now and then. The product has several other bnefits like it gives an excellent protection to the buildings from extreme temperatures in summer and winter season and eases you by creating a sound proof environment by preventing exterior noise (14D) from entering your personal space.

  • Facades
  • Balcony
  • Cladding
  • Partitions
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • LOUVERS & More

Installation Method

Rivet And Screw System On Aluminium Substructure
CLADITO Façade panels can be installed on plastered wall by creating a substructure of Aluminium tubes.

This aluminium substructure essentially consists of aluminium tubes fixed vertical on the wall with the help of "L" angles.

While fixing the panels, it is necessary to make fixed points and sliding points for a strong hold.

Fixed Points
There is always expansion or shrinking in the panel with the changes in the environment, so we need to distribute it uniformly while holding the panel on it's actual position, for that we make Fixed points. Fixed point is a fixing where the drilled hole's size is equal to the rivet head size. We have rivets with 5.1 mm head body so we need a drill to with 5.1mm diameter to make the fitting as fixed point.